As a first time candidate I recognize that I do not have the solution to every issue we face as a city. However, I do understand the importance of magnifying YOUR voice and being willing to listen and understand issues that are important to you and the neighborhoods in North Salt Lake. I will do my very best to advocate for you and your families.                        It takes a village to accomplish goals and I believe the best is yet to come.  

As a North Salt Lake City resident some of my goals are: Communication & Transparency, Diversity & Inclusion,               Economic & Social Development, Air Quality, and Maintaining and Development of Parks & Art. 

Communication & Transparency

I believe it is important to consider neighborhood and community needs. YOUR voice does matter! Measured judgement should be used in all decisions made that impact our community-I seek to do just that. 


I will ensure all information is disseminated to bridge community members to changes occurring that are impactful to our families. 

Online Communication

Air Quality

Good air quality is imperative for the sustainability and health of every city. North Salt Lake sits between major freeways and oil refineries both with gas emissions that impact health and environments. We have a responsibility to be accountable for improving air quality for our great state of Utah. 

Diversity & Inclusion

North Salt Lake is changing rapidly. Representation matters. 

Having individuals that represent North Salt Lake in terms of diversity and inclusion is critical in this day and age. Every voice matters. 


Diversity enhances creativity and drives entrepreneurship. 

Happy Children

                 Economic &                           Social Development

As North Salt Lake City residents we should experience sustained economic growth through our city that continues to grow in household development, population size and business and entrepreneurship opportunities.


Diversity in industries, growth and housing will assist in sustaining our growth as an independent city.

Sunny Day in the City

Maintaining Arts & Parks

North Salt Lake is a city with great history and also awesome development opportunities regarding parks and trails. 

We should seek to responsibly update parks that are longstanding in our city and also seek how to continue implementing parks and trails that will serve our community.